The good the bad and the very very ugly

7 07 2012

This is the story of the warp-speed undoing of a deceitful alcoholic and the end to an 11 year marriage.

Unfortunately there are millions and millions of stories of woe and grief about alcoholism so I am not necessarily saying that my story is unique….but it is unique in that it happened to me in my lovely bubble of a world. Also when you have countless seasoned medical and legal professionals exclaim that they have never heard anything like it…you figure there is a story to be shared.

One of the greatest lessons in life that I have taken from my parents is that of balance..never be too frivolous or too serious. An extension of this is understanding in life there is the good, the bad and sometimes the very very ugly. But as many bumper stickers will attest to…it is what you do with the proverbial lemon that determines how you get through life’s curveballs.

Now this story will have many twists and turns….and as I spoke of balance before, you will get the good with the bad. So if you are here just for the juicy bits of a bizarre unravelling of an alcoholic and the family that survived it, you are also going to have to sit through the beautiful moments….you see in the naming of this blog it is about the bold (me, wife and mother)  having to make the tough decisions to do everything possible to protect…the beautiful (2 vibrant dynamic children) and the unexpected (the alcoholic husband/father who blindsided us all). And flip side is if you want to just see the beauty, you will need to look away sometimes because of the very very ugly.

Straight up in this story I will say that there was never any violence. So rest easy there…this is really just a bizarre story of someone who completely lost the plot.

Everything in this blog is accurate and true although I have altered names and places to protect identities.

To be honest I have always secretly aspired to write….and as the sagely words of wisdom go ” write what you know”….I lived this and I know it…so now I have a story.  Buckle up because it is a bumpy ride….




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