He who must not be named

10 07 2012

Very few stories are created in a vacuum…there is the before and the after……the key question that is inevitably asked about the unravelling of an alcoholic is “what triggered it”.  When the alcoholic themselves  can’t answer that question then those on the outside really have little chance of figuring it out.  You hear of countless tales of someone losing their job, and turning to alcohol, or losing their spouse/kids, and turning to alcohol, or losing dignity, and then turning to alcohol.  This particular tale happened in reverse…the alcohol and deception came first and then the other things were lost ….not necessarily in that order but in quick succession.

If we are going to get deeper into this story, then I guess I had better start assigning names to the characters.  Let’s start with the easiest….the “unexpected” in this story husband/father/alcoholic will be called “Mort”.  This is short for Voldemort and all you JK Rowling fans out there will understand the reference.  It was actually my divine mother who came up with this moniker as frankly we couldn’t bear to say his name through this process – with all that has happened, to say his name makes us gag.

Next will be the “beautiful” two resplendent, dynamic and grounded children.  The eldest now 10 whom I will call Clare and the youngest now 6, Maddie.

And now to me the “bold” wife/mother …at first I thought that since I will be mainly typing in the first person not sure if I need to give myself a name…but as I will be quoting conversations that were aimed at me, then I will be referred to ….I can think of a lot of kick-ass women …..but I will knight myself with the name ‘Ripley’…anyone who has seen Alien in all its various guises knows of the woman who battled against a beast that she did not know…

…..that about sums that up.





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