Days of wine and roses

13 07 2012

The beginning of a serious relationship is always beautiful. Butterflies in the stomach, slight heady awkwardness and just generally thinking the other person is the bees knees. This was no different. We met when I was 29 and travelling. What could have been just a lovely holiday romance was jet propelled into an engagement within 4 weeks of knowing each other. Ok, yes I can hear some saying ‘well duh’ you didn’t even know each other….but the incubation period of a relationship is not directly proportional to its longevity. Many couples are together for a long time before marriage and then it falls apart quickly. And you have to remember that although the engagement came quickly, there were 10 good years of marriage (and I get a wretched taste in my mouth when I say that as I detest all that he is now)….moving on…

In that short time together I met his parents and one of his brothers (who actually introduced us as I had befriended his girlfriend in a chance meeting) and his wonderful group of friends.

There was this particular moment, 3 days after we had met, when we had gone away for the weekend with his friends to a ski lodge.  It was a magic weekend filled with fun, laughter and major frivolity.  One night everyone had gone to one of the chalets for a party and Mort and I were on our own.  We had a bottle of wine, a cheese platter and a blazing fire…but no wine bottle opener.  We decided it was too cold to traipse to the lodge next door so instead Mort got a coat hanger and deftly opened the bottle of wine much to my delight.  Nothing was going to hold him back from getting into that wine.  Funnily enough in the good years in the marriage it was actually a running joke when explaining to friends about our quick engagement…I used to say “how can you not fall for a man who can open a bottle of wine with a coat hanger”.

Amazing how that one came back to bite me.




One response

13 07 2012

Isn’t it interesting how looking at things in hindsight can reveal certain things, both good and bad… What a lovely post though, I love the story about how you both met. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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