Yellow smiley face

17 07 2012

I take a strange kind of solace in the fact that even those who are familiar with the story that is to unfold here, are looking forward to the next installment.  Even my parents have said, “we know what happens but we still can’t wait to read the next post”.  This may sound odd given that it was a hellish ride living through it the first time so why would you want to read about or relive it all over again.  But it is the release, the cathartic detachment that makes it possible.

And frankly even when you think you know the story in its entirety, there will be surprises along the way…because at times when sharing the snippets of stories with nearest and dearest, I could almost see the look of ‘oh, please, no more’….not at all in a non-supportive way, but it was painful to hear the dreadful deeds of Mort, whom they once knew as their friend.  So sometimes I just couldn’t bear to tell more.

So back to the story and the quick engagement (1998).  We chose not to disclose to family or friends that we had gotten engaged until I was on a plane flying home.

When I landed and greeted my awaiting parents at the airport, I flashed them a big smile as well as flashing them my plastic yellow smiley face ring on my wedding finger…(that was what was presented until we could pick out an engagement ring together). The look of shock on their faces was indescribable….mind you….no where near the look of shock on their faces 12 years later when they saw Mort staggering drunk with puke on his jeans.




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