Back to the beginning

31 07 2012

After the diamond kiss, Mort then spent ten days here with my family and friends. I am not sure who was trying to impress who more…..him to my parents or vice-versa. They liked him immediately. Given the size of the diamond, you can guess that he came from money. But even with a wealthy upbringing he didn’t have any of the affectations often associated with it. He was smart but not arrogant, well-travelled but grounded.

When my parents fell in love with him almost as quickly as I did, and realization set in that I was really going to be living on the other side of the world – they took those ten days with Mort to be five-star tour guides, going into full ‘sell’ mode on everything that was fabulous about our city with the hopes that one day we would come back to settle.

After his visit, I then took 3 weeks to pack up my stuff, find a loving home for my cats (he was highly allergic), and spend as much time with family as possible…..I then boarded a plane to my future.




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