Let there be light

5 08 2012

Now to say that Mort came from money, does not mean that he had money.  We did not sleep on a Versace gold encrusted bed, we slept on his old bed that he had had from College that was encrusted with god knows what.  I quickly remedied that and bought us a new bed with a bunch of throw cushions as only girls do.  To call it a bachelor pad is being kind, it was a bachelor sty.  Pizza boxes stacked in the sink, petri dish experiments in the fridge, and random clutter everywhere. He also liked it dark, true man cave style….but a few giant trash bags, with the addition of my boxed goodies arriving a few months later, and a swift opening of the curtains, we had things in a livable state.

It was actually one of those things that his friends joked about, “god, you must have really loved him to move into that house”.  We would jest, he wasn’t just a diamond in the rough, he was a diamond in the squalor.  He must be comfortable now having reverted back to his early days….sinking back to the dark and dirty.




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8 08 2012

bachelor sty!

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