Naggy Mommy

9 08 2012

I have two big fat posts sitting in my drafting space…not keen on big fat posts so am whittling away to chewable chunks….in the meantime I thought it was time for a slice of the good again.

In our normal routine of getting ready for school/work, there is sometimes this unwelcome visitor that joins us….”Naggy Mommy”.  While we all know her, none of us is terribly fond of her.  Clare and Maddie aren’t crazy about seeing her and I certainly don’t like to be her.  Although we all know how to avoid her regimented comments of “hair & teeth, hair & teeth” … sometimes we just get a little lax and out she comes.  She never yells but sometimes she is a wee bit frantic and as she catches sight of her own reflection in the oven there is a theatrical eyeroll accompanied by her lips forming a silent “f”.

So after Naggy Mommy joined us this morning, we all went on our merry way to have full and fulfilling days at school and work.  Then on coming home Maddie claimed a tremendous stomach cramp that could mysteriously only be cured with icecream (don’t worry I made her devour the pumpkin soup first) and Clare had a homework project that felt like major surgery, slicing, cutting, pasting, reconstructing.

So after bathing, feeding, home-working, watering plants, de-fleaing (cats that is), as I am cleaning the kitchen Maddie (soon to be 7) pipes up to exclaim she has figured out what she wants for her birthday cake (still 2 months away), I want a giant chocolate cake that says “Mommy Rocks” across the top.

Even Naggy Mommy had a Cheshire grin on her face.




6 responses

9 08 2012

That’s so gorgeous! We too were busy with cutting pasting the homework master piece!

9 08 2012

Di Vinci himself couldn’t have gone through so much angst…and how did he do it without a gluestick and HP colour printer??

9 08 2012

So sweet. I couldn’t think of a better way to end a day. Makes you know that ALL the things you do are appreciated and noticed. What a special girl!

9 08 2012

Gotta say – it was a pretty divine way to wrap up the day!

9 08 2012

So sweet! Now that is a BIG slice of good 🙂

9 08 2012

that is a MONSTROUS, GIGANTACOUS, ENORMOUSSOUS (all technical terms of course) slice of the good. Naggy Mommy is still rolling and revelling in the moment.

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