And the bride wore a prom dress

14 08 2012

I have this fabulous cousin who happened to live in Mort’s home town.  She had gotten married a couple of years prior and it was a large 500+, Catholic wedding and she wore Vera Wang.  Probably not the best person to consult about my wedding dress.

In answer to my query about what to spend, her reply was “anywhere from three to five thousand should get you something decent.”  I nearly gagged considering that was about half my budget for the entire wedding and I was shooting for a look better than decent.

After scouring yet another wedding dress shop I wandered into a prom dress store next door as my friend was still fluffing about with the fabric confections…..and there was my dress….hanging quietly and simply amongst a cacophony of colour.  Screaming Scarlets, Chattering Chartreuse, Violent Violets and more ruffles and sequins than in all Little Miss Precocious pageants in Southern USA combined.  It was a simple white sheath dress with an overlay of mesh that had little butterflies scattered about.  Ok the butterflies sound a bit yuck now but it was perfect for the time and the setting.

So when I called to tell my cousin that I had found my dress, she yahooed down the phone and said “how much, how much”.  Two was my reply.  “Oh my god two thousand for a wedding dress – god you did well!”  Actually, it was two hundred.  Silence followed by a series of what I am sure were not terms featured in the New Jerusalem.

You can only imagine what flew out of her mouth when I told her that my bridesmaids were going to be wearing $47 dresses that I found in Kmart.  Even Mary Magdalene might have sheepishly muttered “shit, no kidding….nice frocks!”.




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