Party at the lake house

14 08 2012

After the non-appearance in the engagement section, Mrs. Riddle and I both realized that we needed our own territories to mark and Mort was useless, torn in two ways though never fully pledging his allegiance to either.

So it was decided that I would take on the wedding day planning (sunflower bouquets & paper lanterns with silk butterflies tied to the chairs) and she was fully in charge of the dinner for all guests the night before (delicate roses & gold candelabras with goldfish bowl centrepieces filled with live fish).  Different styles but both pretty fabulous.

The first step in planning a wedding is usually ‘where’….(some brides may argue emphatically that the dress comes first).

I have to admit that I stole my inspiration from my friends’ wedding in Italy where it was intimate and leisurely, two words that are not usually associated with weddings…they are often somewhat big, impersonal and zip through from vows to tipsy gyrations on the dance floor (funnily enough usually by the bride and her ladies in waiting….and yes on this point mine was no different!).  Instead, 40 of their nearest and dearest from all over the world celebrated for a week all together in a 15th century villa in the vineyards of Sienna.  Really, life doesn’t get much better than that.

So my location was different but the idea was the same…..personal.

Mort’s parents offered up their out-of-town holiday house on the Lake……50 guests arrived all during the week leading up to the weekend nuptials.  The vibe at the house for the week was magic – extended party instead of a traditional wedding.

Mort let me run with the whole planning, never questioning string quartet vs. dj, food selection, decorations, order of events  – his only insistence was that there be a full bar.




2 responses

14 08 2012
Stephanie (Bennis) Shirley

I also just recently got married outdoors and I loved how the different venue really set the tone for a unique wedding. Despite rain and some other unexpected things, we had a fabulous night. Congrats!

15 08 2012

Mine was actually 13 years ago and didn’t end up so well. But yours looks truly beautiful and I wish you a lovely life journey together.

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