And then there were three

22 08 2012

We are now going to take a quick dance forward (in the story but still behind in time) to December 2000.  Still living half a world away, I called my parents with the exciting news of a Christmas present that I wouldn’t be able to give them for 8 months….yep, I was pregnant.

About a month prior to this news Mort and I had already decided that we were going to move back to my home town.  We had come back earlier in that year on a recon mission and had decided that it was time to try something new.  Everything had fallen into place when Mort had even lined himself up with a fabulous job in his industry that would be ready and waiting for him when we moved back in January of 2001.  Needless to say my parents were elated.

Dealing the news to Mrs. Riddle was a little different.

She didn’t really bat a neatly mascaraed eye when we broke the news that we were moving countries, but when a month later shared the news that we were taking first grandchild, albeit still just a little seed with us, it didn’t play out as I expected.  Given our somewhat luke-warm relationship, I thought that I would have enjoyed a little bit more of a smug moment, but when I saw her look of genuine sadness and longing, I realized that we were all going to be missing out on something.

So in that last month before our departure, Mrs. Riddle and I spent as much time as possible together….you will find it hard to believe if you have read earlier posts, but Mrs. Riddle and I end up adoring each other.  Different…yes, but finding a place of ultimate mutual respect…also yes.

So January 2001, Mort and I and baby were heading home – happy, healthy, in love, life was going to be perfect…..




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25 08 2012

I have tears…. What an exciting and wonderful time x

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