Sheets and cats

11 09 2012

Another quick waltz through time, over the next few years there were up’s & down’s, as with most relationships, be they marriages or not.  Mort’s mother unexpectedly passed away in 2006.  I miss the Saturday morning calls.

Just after Maddie was born Mort was head-hunted by one of the top firms in his industry.  He really struggled with the decision to take the job as he greatly enjoyed the people that he was working with.  But there were strong behind the scenes whispers that the little company was not going to survive… although it was a tough choice, it wasn’t really.

So going to work with the ‘big boys’ meant alot of the b.s. that goes along with it……people staying late just to look as though they were working harder and alot of back-stabbing politics.  Something that became apparent in this time was that Mort did not deal with stress well.  He wore it.  And I mean that literally.  Mort had eczema and living where we did, in a very dry heat he would sometimes flare up.  With the stress it became even worse.  I realized a few years later how much vodka can also exacerbate the skin affliction.

We always had dark brown or grey sheets on the bed as when his eczema was flared up, and he would scratch in the night, there would often be little blood smears on the sheets. Although I was fairly sympathetic, it always drove me crazy and I hated those ugly sheets.

During our marriage I would jest that when we split up the first thing I would do is get cream sheets and cats…..I now have both.




One response

12 09 2012

It’s the simple things that we often enjoy and get great pleasure! 🙂 x

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