The gangs all here

12 09 2012

When Clare started school, we met some like-minded parents with kids in similar age brackets.  I always remember my parents saying that we would meet some of our greatest friends when our kids started school.  They weren’t wrong.

It is very rare in life that as a couple, you meet another couple that you really get along with.  I mean it is a common scenario where the wives get along and the husbands nod politely at each other, or the husbands bond around the grill plate while the wives are left to fill the void with small talk.   So to meet not only one great couple, but several through the school was amazing.

What also totally worked was that all our kids got along.  Happy children, happy parents was my motto.  So getting together was always easy and comfortable.  This tight group spent a lot of time with Mort and me, so what started to play out at the end of 2010 absolutely floored them all. The actions were varied; hugs, tears, gasps…but the reaction was universal – sheer disbelief.




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12 09 2012

I’m completely hanging out to meet some other parents with kids Lily’s age! My mothers group was a dead loss and I’m beginning to feel rather isolated, despite having wonderful friends with older kids/no kids, there is something comforting to know someone’s going through the same thing right now…

13 09 2012

I was so very fortunate to have met Anne-Louise (aka Mary Poppins) & Michelle in the early days and then other parents who are my kindred spirits through the school. You will undoubtedly also make these strong connections with people with similar aged kids when the right ones cross your path. In the meantime take comfort in the friendship of those who have been through those sleepless nights, weeks, months, and can tell you that the sleep does eventually return. Oh, and you should invite those fabulous friends on some of your decadent picnics 🙂

11 08 2014
Ugly curtains | the bold the beautiful and the unexpected

[…] the first few days in the Rehab, Mort was allowed to have visitors. All the husbands of our schoolie friends visited him several times. There was an alarming similarity in the recount of their visits and the […]

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