Shakes and tremors

15 09 2012

At the end of 2009, we took the girls and flew to stay for 4 days with an old school friend of mine, her husband and baby.  Spent some time during the days to go off and do our own touristy things with Clare & Maddie.  At night we would do a bbq and catch up over a couple bottles of wine.

Towards the end of the 4 days, Clare asked Mort to open a new toy for her, I watched with astonishment as he took the package and his hands were shaking so violently that he couldn’t open it.   I immediately thought of the DT’s….I didn’t know exactly what that meant but knew that it was referred to with alcoholics going through withdrawal.  I realised that staying with friends he really hadn’t had a moment to himself and they did not keep a stock-pile of alcohol on hand, we would just buy the wine each night as we drank it.

I cornered him and asked “just exactly how much the f*ck are you drinking at home?’ (sorry first blog swearing …….and not the last)

His answer was probably too much and that this was a wake-up call to him to cut-back.  Well it was a wake-up call to me as well because from what we drank together, I wouldn’t have put it in the ‘too much’ category, which meant that there was stuff going on behind my back.

After we got home he went and saw his doctor and reported that yes, his doctor confirmed he was drinking too much.  So define too much I pushed, knowing that the medical speak was no more than 2-3 glasses a night, with roughly three AFD (alcohol-free days).  Some answer came out, but I sniffed the thinnest whisper of deceit, and so I watched him like a hawk for the next few weeks….when I was awake that is.




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