A cool wind blows

2 10 2012

One luxury that we decided to add to the house was central heat/air.  So in late October we had some guys come in to do the install.  It was ridiculously hot and I felt for these guys crawling around in the ceiling when it was over 100 degrees.  For some reason Mort decided that he needed to oversee this project.  That with him having zero experience in air-conditioning installment and the guy that we hired having over 20 years.

Maybe this was Mort stamping his testosterone mark on something within the house as every single other element I did myself.  The install took about 5 days and Mort was somehow around for most of the time.  He would be dressed in his work attire but from what I could tell he wasn’t actually going to work.  What was weird is that by the end of the day he looked more hot and sweaty and stinky than the poor guys who were crawling around in the ceiling.

It was also about this time that we got the Wii all hooked up on the new tv and the girls goaded Mort into getting onto the Wii fit which he hadn’t done in nearly 2 years.  We all (*) fell about in fits of laughter when his Wii figurine blew up like a balloon and his body gauge jumped sharply into the obese category.  (* we all meaning everyone but Mort.)  I was hoping that it would give him a shake to get himself into action, instead he just slinked off into the other room to sulk and flipped on the air-conditioning to max.

I would have thought the arctic temperature between us would have been enough to cool the whole house down.




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