Mt. Ripley

3 10 2012

In mid-November I was hosting my bookclub christmas do.  Mort was in charge of getting Clare and Maddie bathed and to bed on time while I had my friends for dinner in the other room.  At one stage I came into the kitchen to see my girls sitting by themselves in front of the tv unbathed and munching on a packet of chips.  Where is your dad?  The reply was asleep.  It was 7.00 at night and I had a house full of people.  I was beyond livid.

I checked in and sure enough there he was buried under the covers like a giant grotesque snoring tick.  There are no words to describe my absolute disgust.  I left him to sleep as I didn’t want to rattle that cage while my friends were in the house.

Instead I got the girls organized for bed and continued with my dinner party.  When the guests left….I let rip.   Good thing that we put in that air-conditioning because I was spewing face-melting magma all over the place.




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