There’s one in every crowd

4 10 2012

On the precipice of launching into ‘the dark’ with my next post…I was talking with a colleague of mine this week.  She is crazy smart.  I say this ‘crazy’ in a really positive way, as in über, she is much younger than I but with this depth of smart passionate being that is inspiring and humbling.

We were talking of work stuff and it segued into personal stories.  What I learnt (well, confirmed my knowing from collective conversations of ilk with cross-section of people) is that we all have some deeper ‘crazy’ in our lives.

I am not talking here of; dance with abandon, get a little sassy, try some food you wouldn’t usually eat.  I mean ‘crazy’ in the not even remotely jovial sense. I mean it in the old school sense of have totally lost the context of dignified reality.  I am talking of when you have witnessed the substance of someone you knew…… fade, distort and then disappear ….leaving just a smeared shadow that looks like them but in no way reflects who they were as a person.  The wit, the intellect, the connection, the values, the dignity ….all gone.

And when you think yourself on the ‘grounded’ side of the line of ‘crazy’….you need to be acutely aware of that line… is thin and wobbly when you have a link to someone who could drag you over the edge, whether intentionally or not.

For the ‘grounded’ be aware ……mountain climbers tethered together, you and your crazy connection ….you are the lead and the second guy (crazy) falls into the looming abyss… as much as it pains you, you need to swiftly cut the cord or you too will be dragged down…..down….down….(amendment…this is what I needed to do in my situation and more importantly able to do in my situation.  Every situation and your relationship to it differs….some people can walk away, some people simply don’t have that choice.)

I totally stole/borrowed/plagiarized (whatever brings me least amount of punishment) this pic ( so thank you, kudos and may this bring you all 27 of my readers 🙂 Trust me, quality poops all over quantity.




2 responses

8 10 2012

I don’t think I agree. Sure you need to be aware of that line, but also ready to welcome them back from the other side if they can make it… To someone suffering, sometimes it’s the knowlegde that someone else is waiting for them that is the only thing that keeps them going. And remember, you can’t choose your family.

8 10 2012

Thank you for your comment and I totally hear what you are saying. It is definitely not a one-size-fits all solution. For me I had to cut-the-cord and mourn the person that I once knew cause he was gone. Not just for me but to all those that knew him. Mine was just so close that if I didn’t sever the tie it could have consumed me. I wasn’t going to let that happen. Power to those that haven’t burnt all their bridges and can make it back from the other side and kudos to those that are waiting with open arms and hearts for them.

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