Itchy and scratchy

13 11 2012

A couple of days after Mort arrived home from his hotel “grounding”, an invoice arrived in the mail.  He had settled the bill for his accommodation but there was this bill itemized for $500 bed.  WTF.  When asked about it he said that his eczema had really flared up and he had scratched so badly that he had bled through to the bed.

I had washed my fair share of sheets where he had smeared some blood from scratching but never so much that it went through to the mattress….but given that his skin was the worst that I had ever seen it, I bought the story, after all I had a lot of other things to be far more concerned about. Didn’t really know what happened till later.

It did however present a perfect opportunity for me to point out yet again that there was a direct link between the condition of his skin (which drove him crazy and he was very self-conscious about) and how much he must be drinking.  I said that his body was clearly toxic and he needed to get control of this immediately (for reasons far more serious than discomfort or vanity ie. losing his family)

I told him that he needed to go to AA.  He outright refused.  His sister had gone to AA many years before (now 20+ years sober) and he couldn’t stand how she had blamed everyone else for her alcoholism and took no responsibility for herself and her actions. He could not bear the self-obsession of the alcoholic mind.  (If you have read my earlier posts, and coming into my later, you will get a gist of  how ironic this becomes).

What I was starting to get a feel for here was the fact that this was becoming something beyond a guy having a few too many drinks, this was actually coming into a very serious place….a place beyond my control……a toxic place….and that was making me itchy and scratchy.

Season 2: Episode 9. Original airdate: December 20, 1990.




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