The peanut and the bottle

9 01 2013

In this discussion Mort made it clear that he didn’t want to go to AA. My dad said that he didn’t use the AA avenue when he went through his committment to sobriety, but that he did abide by many of the underlying tenets. First and foremost was to strip back the lies and deception and admit to family, friends, coworkers that he was an alcoholic….and say it out loud and as blatantly as that….and then of course don’t drink.

Mort said that since he had told my parents that he would just stop drinking and that the information didn’t need to go further. He seemed to have missed the fact that he didn’t tell them anything, I was in fact the one that ‘outed’ him.

My dad related a story of when he had made the pledge to never again drink, that he found himself on a flight for a 2 week work trip sans family or coworkers. When the stewardess made her way through the cabin offering free alcoholic drinks, there was that split second internal conversation where his trident carrying innerself whispered “who’s going to know”…thankfully his halo bearing innerself shouted “I am.” That was that and my dad knew he had the willpower, strength and respect of self and family to stick to his pledge. He was hoping Mort had the same.

Mort was extremely allergic to peanuts and my dad drew the comparison….”you steer clear of peanuts in all its various guises because it will make you extremely sick, think of alcohol the same way.” Don’t feed the addiction, don’t take the poison and you won’t get sick. Pretty simple.




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