I have something to tell you..

6 02 2013

He was again banished, immediately. I called my parents, recounted events and could hear deep, disappointed and slightly anguished breathing from my dad, in the background lots of “oh shits” from my mom. I couldn’t believe that telling my parents had not brought (shamed) him to his senses. Next port of call was the ‘outing’ to friends. He was incensed that I would do it and probably thought that I wouldn’t as it was ’embarrassing’. I pointed out that this wasn’t my embarrassment, this wasn’t my doing, he was making his own decisions. He was furious that I was going to tell.

After he had been gone for 2 nights, I took the girls away for a couple of nights to spend time with our soul sisters; Michelle and Bella.

“I have something to tell you”. I have never actually started a sentence like that with Michelle, we just start talking about whatever it is…so with the mysterious prelude as I took a deep breath, I watched her face reflect the things that were going through her head about what my news could be. There was happy anticipation….her expression quickly morphed when I followed, “Mort is a deceitful alcoholic and our marriage is just about over.”

She instantly burst into tears. From the outside she had seen a good marriage and a beautiful life, a bit unnerving to know that it was rotting from the inside…..she however was the only one that needed tissues that day, mine were still absorbed by anger.





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