Back at the keyboard

27 05 2013

Apologies for the extended hiatus…I had the best of intentions of writing while on holiday with my girls…but I decided to lounge poolside, play volleyball and swing on a trapeze instead (oh, and eat ice-cream for breakfast!)

I will continue the tale in tomorrows post….but in the meantime I came across this quote which I love, because for me it validates my parenting style.

It is the primary task of parents throughout their lives to convey to the young a sense of optimism. Whatever other obligations we have to our children, a conviction that we can achieve happiness amid the losses and uncertainties that life contains is the greatest gift that can pass from one generation to the next. Like all the values we wish to teach our children – honesty, commitment, empathy, respect, hard work – the supreme importance of hope is taught by example.

“Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart – Thirty True Things You Need to Know Now” Gordon Livingston M.D.




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