Mind games

18 06 2013

26 January 2011 was the last night that Mort stayed in the house.

The next day he arrived home (supposedly from work*) and stumbled through the house trying to avoid me. I followed him back to the closet and watched…..he could not stand still, he had zero balance, he was literally fall down drunk. I swiped up his car keys as I went to call my dad. I sure didn’t want him in the house but I also could not let him drive, I couldn’t put this drunken tornado behind the wheel of a car.

As I was on the phone I heard the front door bang open. I ran outside to see his car backing down the driveway (he must have had a spare set of keys). I noticed that one of the front tyres was completely flat and the car was riding on the rim of the tyre. I was screaming out for him to stop. He didn’t.

I went back inside and started checking out rental properties on-line. I would not have him in this house again.

A couple nights later Michelle and Bella stayed over. Our night of soul sister nurturing was interrupted with phone calls. Calls asking if our wills were in tact, comments about “what if this is the last time I say goodbye.” Ridiculous inferences. But in all that not a single, I’m sorry, I have fucked up, I’m sorry what I have put you and the girls through. Michelle fretted, but I knew, this was not a cry for help….this was a manipulative gesture and nothing more. I wasn’t playing the game and saying consoling things…and he didn’t like it. I told him I wasn’t experienced in this space and that he should call ‘Beyond Blue’. I then went back to my cheese platter and the laughter of the girls.

*somehow he was still getting a monthly salary, what he was or was not doing at work I really didn’t know.




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