Dollars and sense

15 07 2013

Over that weekend I discovered two things.

1) A friend of my mom’s has a phone number that is the same as mine except with 2 numbers transposed. Poor poor Mrs Winterville was also receiving countless phone calls from an incoherent Mort as his vodka infused finger would misdial. Usually he would hang up upon her answering, or if she didn’t answer he would just leave a message of laboured breathing with my name and a few expletives thrown in. Apologies Mrs Winterville.

2) Astoundingly up to this point Mort was still earning an income, really not sure how as he was clearly not going to work. I noticed that the credit card bills and cash withdrawals had escalated to a staggering point. Even if he had stayed at five-star hotels, sucked the mini-bars dry and eaten Kobe steak three times a day he couldn’t spend what he was going through. Over the next couple of days I started to unravel things financially. Separate bank accounts, credit cards, etc. I was careful to put a ring around what was mine and what was his. Given I was a stay at home mom, I also calculated what child support payments I would be entitled to. That was a waste of time.




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