Ode to a stranger

11 01 2014

The blogsphere is a wonderous space. A woman half a world away from me is living through the chaos similar to what I did three years ago with an alcoholic husband. She googled the key words alcoholic and deceit (with the first invariably comes the second)….and there popped this blog.

She sent me a synopsis of what she is going through with beautiful sentiments of wishing me well in my life and hoping that the hiatus from my blog postings was not due to continued challenges (aka crazy shit).

Friends and family have been asking me to get back to the story (I really did leave it just hanging there!), and I thank them for that, but it has now been the kind words and personal sorrow of a stranger that has really given me the kick in the pants that I have needed…..to you I say a sincere thank you.




2 responses

11 01 2014

I have missed your writing. I was hopeful that it wasn’t craziness keeping you from writing but maybe something very positive – like sunny days, water, friends and family you adore. Glad to see that by writing your experience has helped even those you don’t know miles and miles afar.

24 01 2014

Thank you gorgeous friend. And yes, pleased to report that it has been life’s laughter and happiness that has stolen my time. Great to be back in the blogging space. X

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