Kudos Universe

4 10 2014

When Anne-Louise dropped me home I went straight in to start job scanning on the SEEK website. I had been home for all of five minutes when I got a phone call on the home line. It was a representative from my bank apologising that the phone call had been cut-off talking with Mort and was he keen to pursue the full transfer of funds from the foreign bank account.

I remember the beat of silence as I watched for one lingering moment a dust mote dancing in a stream of light while I pressed the phone so hard to my ear that I could hear my heart beat echoed. “Oh, thank you for the call, this is his wife Ripley (the only moment in the last few months that I would readily claim that), and we have discussed it and have decided not to proceed with the transfer….thanks so much for all your assistance.”

I hung up and unleashed a Banshee scream, blowing the dust mote (and its surrounding friends) into obliteration. My brain was on fire, and my fingers pounded the keyboard flying from the SEEK website to the online access to the foreign account where we had accumulated a sizeable savings specifically for the girls education….it was still there….but then it was gone.

Fortunately my fingers were faster than his brain…..I swept the account before he could. (with the exception of a chunk that I couldn’t get as it surpassed the daily transfer limit).

After verifying three times that the funds were secure I sat back in the chair and put up a silent thanks to the Universe (admittedly it was ensconced in a bunch of ‘fucks’) …the Universe had looked out for me again. If the phone call had not severed between Mort and the bank I would not have known what was going on….just as the Universe had intervened for me to find out about the seedy affairs of the Edgar Suit.

I had to refocus my efforts on the SEEK website and hope beyond hope that the Universe would make it a hat trick…




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