About Ms. Bold

At time of starting this blog in 2011…I am a 42-year-old mother of two amazing kids and I am unsure if I am going to be a divorcee or a widow first.  I am hoping for the former but with the legal system the way that it is, it’s a coin flip at this stage.

I am definitely an optimist, not the delusional Pollyanna sort, but all up I think life is pretty fabulous.

When I reminisce about my childhood, I have not a single bitter thought in my head.  Sure I had the usual run of bad haircuts, dorky shoes and a little sister who would often embarrass me (as little sister’s are supposed to).  So not exactly hard knock life stuff.   In fact my upbringing was bliss.

So as a mother, I wanted to emulate that loving, supportive ‘always got your back’ home life for my girls that my parents gave me, and that is what I have always strived to do and continue to do albeit now solo.

In order to also understand my mindset in getting through the story that will be revealed in my blog, I think religion also might need to be addressed.  I am not religious.  So I have never questioned a god “why me”, but on the flip-side I have never prayed to a god to “give me the strength to get through it” …..that was entirely up to me (with the unwavering support and love of my rock solid parents and friends in my life).  In order not to offend I best put a note here that although I am not religious, some of my nearest and dearest friends are, and it is simply about mutual respect.

I may also need to insert somewhat of a disclaimer in here in case my tone seems flippant given the seriousness and ugliness of some of my posts. I have this character trait whereby if ever in life I am truly stressed or anxious, I will laugh. I’m not sure how it fits in with the whole fight or flight mechanism, but it is clearly my adrenalin reaction (you should hear me on a roller-coaster).  So given that, it is amazing the strength that humour can give you.  And in many of these situations, they were so absolutely absurd that black humour took over and well,  if you don’t laugh, you cry and I certainly know which one I prefer!

I think this may now be on the verge of becoming a post so I will round off with some facts about me, Ripley.

I look terrible in yellow, don’t like coconut, celery or pineapple, love scented candles (provided they don’t smell like aforementioned offensive fruit!), love the smell of rosemary, have a slight thing for shoes (alright, alright obsession), love reading, love the sound of waves lapping but terrified of big open water, Italy is my favourite place in the world, have an aversion to clowns, love baking with my girls, have a job that I adore, love art yet have zero artistic talent, relish my Sunday Boggle game with my parents over a decadent platter of nibbles, not a morning person, can do the splits and blow bubbles out of my eye (yes you read that correctly), and my most favourite sound in the world is my girls laughing together.


4 responses

5 09 2012

You are a really good writer, I look forward to following your story.

7 09 2012

Thank you so much for stopping by to read. I am actually having a really good time writing it, even though it isn’t the prettiest story to tell. More installments soon!

29 04 2015
Brian Shaw

Your a great writer! Keep in touch:)

6 05 2015

will be back in the blogging sphere later this week x

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